Managed IT Services You Can Trust

Support center, monitoring, and platform management – all provided without forcing you into a termed contract or making you pay set-up fees.


What We Do

Technology Strategy & Business Process Realignment

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Are you trying to execute on tomorrow’s strategy with outdated or un-scalable processes? Let Texceed help you identify high quality IT hires and painlessly re-engineer processes.

Information Management & Analytics

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In an age of data leaks, information security is indispensable. We can secure your data storage and disposal, and enact controls on proprietary information.

Agile Solutions

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Looking to make your team more efficient? Agile organizes workflow to minimize wasted time.

Delivery Leadership

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Texceed’s project management office brings effective leadership and guidance right to your doorstep. We’ll keep communication flowing, ensure that projects stay on track, and guide your business to success.

Cloud Services

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At Texceed, we have expertise in Private, Public and Hybrid platform. We can help you with Cloud Adoption Strategy & Execution. Reducing your operational overheads frees up your resources to focus on growing your business.

Cyber Security

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We specialize in everything from Data Security, Identity and Access Management, BOT prevention to Honey Pots etc. With recent Data Privacy legislations, we can help you take corrective actions to meet all audit, compliance and legal needs.